About Us

KAMRAN TRADERS is working since last 25 years and supplying raw materials to Pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies all over Pakistan. We have built a strong business relationship with many companies within Pakistan and serving them the highest quality of raw materials, since many years. Our mission is to grow more and serve the companies more, and spread throughout the world.


"Experience seamless efficiency with our Just-In-Time delivery service, ensuring your orders arrive precisely when needed. Say goodbye to excess inventory and unnecessary delays, as we optimize supply chains for your convenience."


"Elevate your processes with our premium-grade chemicals through our Just-In-Time delivery system. Experience a seamless supply chain that delivers high-quality chemicals precisely when you need them."


Benefit from our extensive 25 years of expertise in the field, ensuring you receive unparalleled knowledge and service. Trust in our seasoned experience to provide you with top-tier solutions, making us your reliable partner in success.

Vision & Mission


“To be the leading provider of pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw materials globally, recognized for our unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation. We aspire to continuously elevate industry standards, foster sustainable growth, and extend our influence across borders, contributing to the success of businesses worldwide.”


“At Kamran Traders, our mission is to leverage our 25 years of experience to consistently deliver the highest quality raw materials to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies in Pakistan and beyond. We are dedicated to fostering enduring partnerships, ensuring the success of our clients by providing reliable, innovative, and sustainable solutions. As we expand our footprint worldwide, our commitment remains steadfast – to grow more, serve more, and contribute to the advancement of industries on a global scale.”

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